34 Minimalist Tattoo Ideas for Both Men and Women

by Hong Diep
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(Recently, we group of friends had a conversation on the type of tattoo to get. Here’s how the discussion went on!) 

Caroline: Hey all, you know what? I am going to get a new tattoo on my back! Just wondering, what should I get?

Nick: Oh, wow! That’s great. Last time you went for a tiny meaningful tattoo, this time, opt for a colorful tattoo. 

Ben: No, no. Getting a large tattoo still seems cool, but instead of colors, you should get it filled with patterns.

Rowan: Caroline, I am also coming with you. I am also planning to have a tattoo on the wrist. I have already decided to get a minimalist tattoo inked. So, nick and ben spare me from suggestions.

Caroline: Rowan, it seems like you are planning from a very long on getting a tattoo. That’s great. But tell me what it is with the minimalist tattoo thing? 

(Nick and Ben also inquired.)

Rowan: Come with me. I’ll explain it to you in detail.

This is how her explanation went,

To get a permanent tattoo is a lifetime decision, so be careful of what you are getting inked. The large and confined tattoos are way out of style. Nowadays, people are looking for a tattoo that is small and discrete. While I would say it is better to have a minimalist tattoo.

Whether you want to cover up the back or want to get a tattoo on the wrist only, the minimal is the answer. Now, you would ask – what exactly is a minimalist tattoo? Before you thought about opting for or considering a minimal tattoo, you might have had a look at different tattoo designs. 

Look at Some Minimalist tattoos:

Most of them had too much filled up designs and colors. A minimalist tattoo is something that doesn’t have anything to do with internal artwork. In simpler words, it is an outliner tattoo. It can be small, medium, or even large.

Are you still confused? Let’s not waste time and directly move on to the Minimalist tattoo ideas for both men and women. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have created separate sections depicting minimal tattoo ideas.

Okay, first let me clear you few things (consider these as myth busters):

  • Even if you are going for a minimalist tattoo, you can have a large one inked.
  • There can be minimal tattoos with colors also.
  • The most important thing the minimal tattoo is – Design.
  • It’s not mandatory for you to go with this kind of tattoo only if you are looking for something hideous.
  • They look best on any part of the body, be it on the back, arm, wrist, neck, collarbone, ankle, or anywhere.

Here are few tips on protecting your tattoo from getting burred ahead of the time:

  • Keep the tattoo moisturized during the healing process.
  • Keep it safe from direct sunlight.

Below are the inspirational images of minimal tattoos for you. This list has minimal tattoo images portraying abstract and geometrical art, elegant yet straightforward figurative and monochromatic delicate line designs. You will find minimal compositions of love and nature. There’s much more than this. Keep scrolling, and you might find the right one for you.

Minimalist Tattoo Ideas For Men

Get Classic Minimalist Tattoo

These were the tattoo ideas that will help you in getting inked with a meaningful and beautiful design. I hope you got what you needed. Aren’t these tattoo ideas unique and outstanding? What are you waiting for, then? Hurry up, book an appointment with a tattoo artist, and get the artwork done.  

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