35 Orchid Tattoos: Top Ideas & Designs, Symbolism, Meaning

35 Orchid Tattoos: Top Ideas & Designs, Symbolism, Meaning

Orchid tattoos are such gorgeous tattoos that most women like to wear somewhere on top of their skin and bodies. On the other hand, guys can also wear this design. Do you like flowers and you’re craving a cute tattoo yourself? Keep on reading as we talk about some of the prettiest ideas that you won’t be able to resist down below!

1. What Does An Orchid Tattoo Symbolize?

An orchid tattoo is a feminine symbol that stands for refinement, fertility, rare beauty, and strength. You can use an orchid tattoo to show off your elegance, feminine side, as well as balance, and pure perfection. The color of the orchid can dictate and make an impact on its meaning. Yellow stands for wealth, green for hope, white for purity, etc.

2. Who Can Go For An Orchid Tattoo?

Anyone can go for an orchid tattoo print or symbol. Those who like cute flowers or tattoos that have a deeper meaning will enjoy rocking such a soft and feminine design. There are no rules when it comes to your age or gender with this flower.

3. How Pricey Is An Orchid Tattoo?

Expect to pay around $80 for a small and minimalistic tattoo that is done in simple black ink. Colorful, big, and loud flowers can go for $200! The bigger the design and the more colorful and extravagant it is, the pricier it is in the end. Most tattoo artists will bill higher amounts due to their level of expertise.

Black & White Orchid Tattoos

Small Orchid Tattoos

Big & Colorful Orchid Tattoos

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