4 Steps To Grow Your Hair At Home With Vitamin B1

B1 is one of many essential vitamins. It has a great effect in accelerating the circulation and blood circulation for the body. Thereby, vitamin B1 helps blood to be transported to the scalp quickly, making hair grow faster and preventing hair loss. When it gets cold, your hair becomes more and more tangled and dry, making it extremely vulnerable. You have used countless methods to grow hair and feel like it’s almost impossible to restore healthy smooth and shiny hair.

Worry no more! I am sharing with you the secret how to grow hair at home with vitamin B1. You don’t drink it, you wash your hair with it and you will notice the difference in no time.

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Here is how I grow my hair at home with vitamin B1

Step 1: Get a box or container of Vitamin B1. It should be cheap for a box of 100 tablets, it doesn’t necessarily an expensive brand since the B1 itself is an ingredient that provides moisture to the scalp and prevents hair loss very effectively.

Step 2: Take out 8-10/ tablets and mix it with little water, wait for 5 minutes for it to completely be dissolved.

Step 3. Mix it with your Shampoo liquid or gel and wash your hair like usual

Massage the scalp and leave your hair there for 10- 15 mins for it to absorb.

Step 4: Wash it with water and use conditioner

•Here is something you must keep in mind, the Vitamin B1 has 1 side effect, is that it will make your hair super super dry so that you need hair conditioner, any conditioners which supply more moisture would be better. So your hair won’t be too dry and madly entangled.

Tips :

• Use Vitamin B1 twice or thrice a week for the best result, but don’t use it too much, let your scalp rest as well

•Stop using it until you feel like your hair is thick enough

• This method is not working well for people who have internal problems which lead to bald and such.

Hope these tips might help you grow your hair at home with vitamin B1! Good luck!

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