4 Things You Should Know About Permanent Makeup

Before choosing to go for permanent makeup, there are many things to remember about it! I know it’s so boring, but believe me, you’re not going to feel like geeky about having all the permanent makeready details that can affect your decision! Loads of risks are better avoided. You would have made several wrong decisions if all the facts were clear! Ok, don’t look anymore, because I found a couple of really good facts about permanent makeup that will certainly support you!

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1. It’s not 100% permanent

Unlike tattoos that remain with you until your last breath, after a few years, permanent maquillages appear to display signs of fade. This is because colors are not painted as deeply as in a classical tattoo so that you can alter your spirit. Of course, that’s fantastic news! The bad news is that your permanent fading makeup can prove to be the worst thing that no maquillage at all, and therefore beauty experts typically suggest subtle and naturally occurring shades that complement and enhance your look.

2. It can cause serious allergic reactions

Before you pursue this idea consult your doctor and don’t go there for the cheapest bid. You know, I like a good deal too. Don’t get me wrong, but you can’t do it just for a licensed technician.

3. Permanent makeup can mess up your MRI results

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Hilarious and real, yes! Pigment iron particles can respond to MRI magnetic pulse causing mild discomfort and even redness that can last for a few days!

4. All equipment must be 100% sterile

All right, prior to you saying “Duh! “Let me explain why I think it should be in my permanent maquillage list. Fearful things like hepatitis C and AIDS will spread around your needles. You would be shocked that a lot of women are contaminated when make-up is made. My point?-My point? Don’t accept anything than safe, sterile equipment and working space. Take your company elsewhere, should you know something that isn’t fully up to standards.

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