4 Ways To Wear The Baby Blue Nail Designs In 2020

There are several trendy shades of blue nails but it’s certainly baby blue the must-have color. Baby blue nail designs are very common during the spring and summer but can be worn throughout the year. It is a classic hue that will also remain in the spotlight in style for the next year. Your nails are one of the best ways to add that trendy color to your look.

We have found some beautiful ways to wear baby blue nail designs to show you how amazing this color can be. Look around and find the right one for you.

baby-blue-nails-cover 4 Ways To Wear The Baby Blue Nail Designs In 2020

Matte Nails

We had those chic matte blue nails first. The nails are a smooth, light blue color. This is a bright and simple nail idea to wear that will suit everyone. You can replicate the look on any shape and length of the nail. You can also use metallic blue polishes, you can simply add a matte topcoat over the top.

Baby Blue Nail Designs: Flower

Floral nail art is extremely common and we can see why with designs like this!. The floral design will perfectly suit the color. This is a cool, summery look that suits everyone. You can purchase floral nail stickers online if you wish to replicate a similar collection of nails.

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Sparkling Nails

Some nails are shiny blue and the remaining ones are sparkly silver. The form and glitter of the stiletto is such a beautiful combination. This manicure can be recreated or you can wear sparkly baby blue color on every shape and length of the finger. Like these sparkly nails will be great for a special occasion.

Baby Blue Nail Designs: Ombre

Ombre is already one of the must-have nail looks and next, we’ve got baby blue edition you’re going to love. Here we have nails shaped like a coffin that start nude and blend towards the tips to baby blue. This is a trendy, adventurous, and pretty nail design. Your nails would look amazing.

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