40 Gorgeous Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas 2022

40 Gorgeous Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas 2022 (Meaning And Symbolize)

Are you someone who likes truly unique and gorgeous elements? Do you love history, mythology, as well old inspirational symbols? If so, you’re going to appreciate the beauty of an Anubis. Here is what we have to offer among some of the prettiest and most unique options down below!

Anubis Tattoos: FAQ

1. What Does This Tattoo Symbolize?

In Egyptian mythology, Anubis was a symbol of death and the Underworld. This print as a tattoo could represent your role of trying to fight off evil spirits and bad energy. You can also use this tattoo as your symbol of protection and power in your own spiritual way.

2. Who Can Go For This Tattoo?

Anyone who loves mythology or Egypt can go for this tattoo. If you’re a fan of meaningful tattoos, large dominant characters, as well as bold symbols, you’re going to like this concept. Also, if you’re a fan of dominant and older symbols that have had high power, you’re going to like this tattoo.

3. Where To Place This Tattoo?

Place the Anubis symbol over your arm or your forearm. You’re going to like this tattoo if you’re a fan of minimalism as well. You can place it over your neck and chest area. Be creative, and stick to anything that works for you.

4. What Is A Common Price For This Tattoo?

Your Anubis doesn’t have to be too pricey since it is a small design that doesn’t cost a lot nor is time-consuming. Expect to pay around $100 for the symbol, and around $300 for a larger actual God-like tattoo.

Top 40 Anubis Tattoo Design Ideas

Want An Anubis Tattoo Now?

Which one Anubis you can’t wait to rock or wear sometime in the near future? Let us know which tattoo is your favorite from the bunch, we would love to see how you like to express yourself in an artsy way.

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