43 Kitsune Tattoos: Trending Ideas, Symbolism and Meaning

Kitsune Tattoos: Trending Ideas, Symbolism and Meaning

Are you looking for something trendy, mysterious and symbolic? If so, you’re going to enjoy Kitsune tattoos and their meaning. Keep on reading as we present some of the prettiest and coolest designs down below.

What Does A Kitsune Symbolize?

The word “kitsune” is actually a Japanese word that means ”a fox”. This animal is quite common & talked about in Japanese culture. It is used to represent intelligence and a natural trickster.

Who Should Go For A Kitsune Tattoo?

Anyone who is an animal lover, or someone who enjoys the beauty of Japanese culture. You can also go for a Kitsun tattoo if you’re a funny individual, and a trickster yourself.

What Is The Best Placement For Kitsune Tattoos?

Most people tend to place this tattoo over their arm or fist. You can also go for a giant back tattoo since it will look attention-seeking & creative this way.

New Tattoo = New You

Which design was your favorite? Let us know if you’re ready to rock one of these gorgeous Kitsune prints, we can’t wait to see them on you!

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