Rose tattoos are always on-trend. Those tattoos were famous in the ‘30s but still a popular choice for people until now. These tattoos remain so hot for some reason. Rose tattoos are beautiful, subtle, and bold and fit nearly everyone. Whether it’s your first tattoo or your 5th one, these fabulous rose tattoos below will bring you an extra beautiful look.

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Yellow rose

Roses have many colors and yellow is one of them. Every color has its own meaning. Yellow or gold flowers represent joy while creating an inviting impact to the design. You should complement the warm tones with green leaves, they look so beautiful that’s worth cherishing forever. 

Purple Rose

Purple is considered the color of nobility, so many people go for a purple tattoo because of the desire to be noble. Associated with dripping jewels or keep it simple with a single block of color is a good idea.

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Realistic Rose

In fact, not all tattoo needs to be surrealist. Realistic rose tattoos often look like a photograph printed on your skin, they will have you achieve a special look that different from other people. Before getting this tattoo, do your research before choosing your artist. Look at our collections and choose one that suits your character.

Rose Tattoos With Name

Whatever art style you choose, a rose one with a name will stand out and look great. They are trending because many people want to make a memory last forever by dedicating their rose to a loved one. By inking someone’s name to your body, they create an enduring commitment to someone important to them. The combination of symbol and word work perfectly together and create a piece of art worth showing off.

Simple Rose Tattoos

If you are a big fan of simple tattoo and are not into super detailed ink, this is your perfect choice. A simple rose uses a few lines to express the image of a flower but still giving an impression on anyone who sees it. Black looks enigmatic against the skin while white is a subtle color, they match perfectly with each other. Although they are simple,  they are options that speak the volume.

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