5 Colored Eyeliner Tutorials to Live It Up This Summer

Black eyeliners are edgy and gorgeous. I cannot deny that. However, when was the last time that you found it trendy? A decade ago? At the end of the twentieth century? 2020 is the year of colorful ad vibrant colors. Other than the black hue that sometimes makes us bored, vivid, and vibrant colors like red, lilac, blue, or orange give us the feeling of dynamic summer than anything else. In case you do not know what colors you fit and how to create new lools from those colors, we have rounded up the five colored eyeliner that will become the new trend in the season this summer.

Colored Eyeliner: Red

All you need to do is use an angled brush and draw a winged cat-eye. You can perfect the look with some coats of mascara.

Colored Eyeliner: Yellow

First of all, use neutral shades like nude as the base for your shadows. Then, you can freely apply the yellow one to create winged eyes. If you want more dimensions to your eyes, don’t forget to draw the edges with black liquid eyeliner.

We love using the Maybelline Age Rewind Erase to highlight the bottoms of the eyes. It would make your eyes bigger and rounder.


Blue was an iconic makeup trend in the 90s. However, blue makeup eyes in 2020 are much more modern and impressive. Just look at the pictures and make a comparison by yourself.

Colored Eyeliner: Pink

As well as red and blue you can attract all the attention with pink cat eyes. You can create a perfect contrast by combining pink and yellow together. This combination will bring a very refreshing and cool feeling of summer.


Nothing can accentuate your flawless skin more than purple. Line the upper lashes with the NYX Professional Makeup Studio Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Extreme Purple and you’ll see a huge difference.

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