5 Easy Makeup Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

If you are a beauty lover, you wouldn’t want to miss these hacks! You can use items that you already have in your purse to make the magic happen. Today I will go through 5 makeup hacks that actually work. Some might surprise you!

1. Face powder on greasy hair

This hack is perfect and every woman needs to try this once! Admit it, there are days your hair looks so greasy and dirty despite being washed the day before right? Well, just apply soft face powder on your hair it will make your hair look clean, untangled, and soft!

2. Makeup hacks that you shouldn’t miss: Use a concealer with lipstick

We all know applying a layer of concealer on your lips before putting on the lipstick would make the color look better. But, do you know it also makes the lipstick on your lips stay when you dive underwater? Yas! Less effort, more lit!

3. Red lipstick on your eye bags

You put on a lot of concealer under your eyes to cover the dark bags and realize it still looks so bad? Hear me out! Put red color/lipstick on your eye bags, tap it out evenly then apply the concealer. It will cover the darken skin perfectly. You can use a correction pallet, yes, but just in case you don’t have it.

4. Lipstick on your teeth?

This happens often doesn’t it? It’s so annoying and destroys your confidence! Well, it’s very easy to handle this. Just put one finger in your mouth and wrap your mouth around it. Then pull it out, the excess will stay on your finger, it won’t get into your teeth anymore.

5. Makeup hacks: Face powder lengthens your eyelashes.

I bet you are looking for any way possible to lengthen or thicken your eyelashes, I know it takes time to make it actually longer. So here’s your quick saver if you are going on a date tonight! First, apply one layer of mascara on your lashes, then you a brush and dab power onto it and apply another layer of mascara. You can repeat the process until you satisfy!

Let’s give these makeup hacks a try and see how it save your time as well as how it make your life easier!

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