You’ve wondered which part of the makeup process changes your look drastically, haven’t you? Most opinions indicated that eye makeup is the most important part that decides how you look.  Indeed, there’s a saying “The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul”, so a lot of women have tried to deliver their attitude and charisma through different eyeliner drawings and eye shadows. It is widely acknowledged that makeups with intense eyeshadows would make you look attractive, or heavy eyeliner would be perfect for rock lovers! Let’s check out 5 Sexy Eye Make-Up Looks with us!


1. Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey Eye is the most popular eye makeup look. You can use any eyeshadows to create this look, but remember to add the dark tones in the outer corners of the eyes and blend it carefully to match it with the under eyeshadow layers.

2. Arab Eye Makeup

Arabic and Middle Eastern women love heavy eyeliners, they draw both upper and lower eyelids with thick black lines. It is a little bit similar to the Smokey Eye but with more blackness and eyeshadows. You should use blue or gray contact lenses to optimize this eye makeup.

3. Sexy eye make-up: Cat Eye Makeup

Cat Eye Makeup is a very simple yet sexy one, it is suitable for every occasion (going out, at the party, at school, at work…etc). It’s also very easy to draw and it could be the first thing to practice if you are new to makeup.

4. Cut Crease / Glitter Cut Crease Makeup

Cut Crease is a development from Smokey eye makeup. You might use concealer to create a fake crease to make your eyes look deeper and bigger. Recently the glitter trend is exploding, beauty bloggers go crazy and try to experiment with various ways to add the shiny effect to their eyes.

5. Sexy eye make-up: Mascara Eye Makeup

Sometimes, you don’t want to spend too much time doing your eyes, or don’t want to look like you have so much makeup on but still want to be attractive. In this case, Mascara Eye Makeup is the best option for you. You should use the light or nude eyeshadows then curl your lashes before applying the mascara to achieve a dreamy look.

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