5 Easy Steps For A Proper Morning Skincare Routine

Hey there! I have a question for you guys today. How many of you could wake up and do skincare before going to work? And how many of you have a proper step – by – step morning skincare routine. I guess not too many, right? Some of you don’t have time for it and need to rush to work or some of you just simply don’t really care about morning skincare.

But you do know it is very important to do morning skincare? Especially if you need to go to work or go somewhere. The sun and other surrounding environment factors would destroy the top layer of your skin, it makes your skin age faster and harder to treat. So here is the right order for your morning skincare routine

1. Cleanser / Facewash

Yes, you need to clean your face properly for a fresh start and to remove dirt and oily substance

2. Toner

Toner works very well on balancing your skin, it will close the big ugly pores on your face and prepare your skin for the next step

3. Serum

This is the part where you use the treatment products that you bought to fix your skin issue such as Vitamin C, AHA, BHA. Oh, you shouldn’t use Retinol for the morning routine because it makes your skin become more sensitive under the sunlight

4. Moisturizer for morning skincare routine

Remember to always feed your skin with enough moisture, it prevents you from having a too oily or dry skin surface during the day.

5. Sunscreen

Ah yes, here we are, you are finally ready for the day. As you can see, you need to go through several steps to prepare your skin before putting on the sunscreen. It will make your skin feel fresher, less greasy, and less heavy.

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