5 Gorgeous Vintage Makeup Looks for Party Season

One thing that makes me so into makeup is that I can try every style that I want. It is totally different from trying clothing, which relies a lot on your body shapes. Party season is another reason for me to try out new makeup looks. And for retro-themed parties, you cannot be joining them without vintage makeup.

When it comes to vintage, many people misunderstand the word as being “old” or “ancient”. Vintage makeups have nothing to do with that definition. Vintage here refers to something classic and iconic. We rounded up 5 stunning vintage makeup looks that you must try.

1. Vintage Makeup Look: Marie Antoinette-Inspired

FYI, Marie Antoinette was the last queen of France before the French Revolution. She was not only powerful but also very charming. Even if history is not your favorite subject, give a try to her inspired makeup because it is so interesting.

To copy her looks, you need to focus on bold eyeshadow and pink mascara. Whereas, tone down the blush to make the whole look well-balanced.

2. Vintage Makeup Look: ’20s Flapper

Many people have been obsessed with makeup looks in the twenties. The iconic flapper is surely one of the reasons for their love.

To create the chunky vibes, put on dark red lipstick and do smokey eye makeup. You can choose a fun outfit to have a perfect combo for a party.

3. Pin Up Makeup

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Marilyn Monroe is an endless source of inspiration for styles, outfits, and (of course) makeup. And pin-up is her signature for a vintage makeup look. To have the look, blush, eyeliner, and a bold red lipstick are required.

4. Twiggy Eyeliner

Twiggy eye makeup is such a big achievement of this industry in the 2000s. However, you need a good eyeliner for these perfect lines. Make an investment and you’ll be surprised.

5. ’80s Glam

Party cannot be completed without bold colors from ’80 glam eyeshadows.

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