5 Stories behind Blackpink’s Makeup Looks in the Latest Music Video

The new song of Blackpink “How you like that” that has released a few weeks ago has created a new wave in the K-pop community all over the world. This music video breaks every record on Youtube when gaining 82.4 million views in the first 24 hours on YouTube, and of course, became the No. 1 trending video on the platform.

There are sooo many factors leading to this success. Of all the factors, visual elements play a huge impact on fans’ video judgment. Lee Myeong-Seon aka Maeng, the makeup artist of Blackpink, is about to help us reveal the top 5 stories behind Blackpink’s makeup looks in the “How you like that” music video.

1. Jisoo’s Dots

These little cutie dots turned out to be Jisoo’s idea at first. Since the hair and outfits were already so colorful and vivid, she wanted to rebalance the whole look with these subtle dots. Obviously it worked. Angled dots made by eyeliner appeared on both the teaser and the music video.

2. Blackpink’s Makeup Look: Rosé’s Silver Falsies

Again, like Jisoo’s outfits and the whole theme of “How you like that” music video, the hues are so bright and vibrant, so Rosé intended to apply silver falsies to soften the look. It not only did its job but also caught the light on her eyes with glitter.

3. Jennie’s Blue Gems

Blue gems first started with Jenny’s idea. She wanted spots like blue shadows in the inner corners. However, being afraid that they would not pop in the light, Maeng chose the blue gems as one of the Blackpink’s makeup looks instead.

4. Blackpink’s Makeup Look: Lisa’s Bedazzled Lips

The vibrant red of Lisa on the solo scene is just complete the whole powerful look.

5. Jennie’s Crystal Teardrop

To match the strands of diamonds on her head, Jenny came up with the idea of trying crystal teardrops. Since then, Jennie’s crystal teardrop with different sizes of gems was invented and soon becomes a trend.

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