5 Stunning Almond Nail Designs That Make You Gonna Fall In Love

You may know about a round or square shape nails, but have you ever heard about the almond nail? The shape is resembling the almond shape, bring the elegant, feminine, and sexy look. With lots of colors, patterns, and designs, this nail has been taking the heart of many women, and maybe including you.

Almond nail is one of the most popular nail shapes this year, and look at these designs, you will know why. Let’s have a look to shape up your manicure.

Marble Designs

Undeniably, marble always becomes a huge inspiration in the nail world. With the marble designs with an almond-shaped nail, you will have a chic and artistic look. If you wanna go big, have a full manicure with marble, or just one or two fingers still work well.

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Almond Nail Designs: Holographic

With the holographic coat, you will bring a standout manicure that everyone can’t take their eyes of it. The vibrant along with this nail shape is a great way to begin this bright summer.

Glitter Looks

Who doesn’t fall in love with glitter? Adding a bit of this bling design will bring a fun and cute look for your manicure. With an almond-shaped nail, it will highlight your glitter in every party.

Almond Nail Designs: Geometric Style

This style will make you have to take a picture of your nail and upload it on your Instagram. A geometric design is a perfect way to show-off your almond nails. You will have the attention of everyone in your stunning manicure with this look.

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Multi-Colored Nails

Why choose one when you can choose multi-color polish shade? Let’s welcome the summer with the gradient manicure that will make you glow up. If you have this almond nail, simple clothes or accessories still make your look pop.

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