5 Things No One Ever Told You About Eyebrow Threading

In case this is the first you’ve heard about eyebrow threading, it is a hair removal technique coming from Asia. The technique involves rolling twisted cotton thread over the hair that you want to get rid of from your eyebrows. Although this activity is not comfortable and enjoyable enough, the results outweigh all of those inconveniences. My low pain threshold pathetic, I never wax my eyebrows again once I look myself at the mirror.

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As your sister, as your friend, I’m here to tell you, from my experience, 5 precious facts you may not know about this technique.

1. It Doesn’t Hurt That Much

As I mentioned above, the threading technique is not that hurt as you imagine. However, if you are too nervous, you can ask them to try it on the peach hair on the back of your hand first.

2. It Gives Your Brows a Precise Finish

Eyebrow threading is so precise. It can control every hair teased out of its follicle, which gives you well-defined brows. No single hair will be left out. Everything stays exactly where you expect it to be.

3. Maintenance Is Way Easier

After threading, the hair on eyebrows all grows at the same time. Thus, you don’t need a touch-up every week. While many people clean up after 3 weeks of threading, you can go to the pros to reshape if you have time.

4. It’s a Quick Process

Even when this is a technique where every single hair needs to take care of, it doesn’t take long. My whole process took me merely 10 minutes. It would take even less time if your eyebrows are shaped before.

5. It Costs Around the Same As Waxing

However good threading eyebrows sound, it just costs $10 to $40, which is so affordable for gorgeous eyebrows.

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