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5 Tips for Saving Money on Makeup

Tips for Saving Money on Makeup 1

5 Tips for Saving Money on Makeup

Saving money is a priority when you’re grown and on your own. I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t call my parents for every little financial discrepancy. Ahhhh the days when I could! Now I have to get my own coins and budget them accordingly. It is not easy! Makeup is a part of the expenses I have almost monthly (with all these launches and all), so money can disappear pretty quickly at your local beauty store. An eyeliner here, mascara there, lashes(my guilty pleasure), and other reoccurring items are pricey when added up! It’s nice to look good but at what cost?

There are a few gems to getting bang for your buck when it comes to getting makeup products. Launches, like I’ve mentioned earlier, are constantly happening because of the need to grasp consumer’s attention. With this flood of new makeup products being released, there are opportunities and ways to save! I know makeup shopping can be overwhelming as it is but just taking a little more time and being precise can save you more than you think! It’s time we look good and have our wallets looking like our twin!

Look For Annual Sales

Looking for annual sales at department or makeup stores can help you save a fortune! Every year because makeup companies have new products to roll out, they try to get rid of any product from the year before! This is where you can luck up and find some of your favorites for the fraction of the price. Sometimes they even have bundle deals just to get rid of it any faster! You can save up your coins towards the end of the year so when they get ready to announce their sale you will be ready with coins in hand.

Some of the top end-of-year sales include Sephora and M.A.C. They are two of the top stores that push out products year-round. They also are known for a great quality product that is very useful for makeup activity. These sales can be very popular with people so products can be flying off the shelf. That’s why it’s a great idea to take inventory of what you may need or want and make a list before the sale comes! That is also a great way to save coins because it will keep you from spending unnecessarily. You can get the makeup you desire at the fraction of the price, how nice!

Buy Multi-Functional Products

This can really help with saving a coin! Makeup has always been a multifaceted tool for several things. Buying products that can be used in several different ways also saves you time, stress, and space. One way I save money is by buying eyeshadows that can double as blushes and vice versa. This helps me keep track of what I have and don’t overspend on unnecessary things. It has done wonders to my storage space because I don’t have lots of different packaging. I love the space I have now!

You can also buy tools that are multi-functional like sponges and eyeshadow brushes that are good for all around. I would say if taking this route, invest in a good quality product that isn’t going to break easily or doesn’t work the best. Just about anything makeup can double as something else that you need. Don’t be shy to explore and play around with the items in your kit. Lipliners are great for eyeliners as well and vice versa. The only way to know what they can do is by experimenting. Once you’ve done that look for high-rated product that will last.

Buy from Small Businesses

This has been a Godsend in my makeup journey. I noticed that small business owners who own boutiques or little shops tend to sell makeup at a cheaper price. Sometimes they also have their own makeup brands that aren’t as known but work twice as good. They truly carry some of the best products that are so pigmented.

I stay right next to an accessory store that sells loads of makeup. They sell popular brands but it’s the small business brands that wow me everything! The eyeshadows are pigmented and cost as low as two dollars! Talk about saving a coin!

Don’t Buy Makeup So Often

Buying makeup often can leave you financially strapped in the wallet. I know makeup brands can make you feel like every launch is that one you need but it’s not. Some of those products literally are the same thing just with different packaging! You heard me, they change the packaging! It is always better when you have your tried and true products you swear by.

By having your favs, you won’t feel pressured to buy everything that shows up on your screen. Really analyze if that launch is something you can see yourself using often and do you have SIMILAR products. This will keep your wallet in line and your makeup collection not looking like a repeat of the same products! I’ve been there and I gave a lot away.

Whole Sale for the Win

If you are just a makeup addict and love having loads of products or you do others’ makeup for fun or professionally, wholesale is for you! Having your wholesaler’s license lets you get bulks of makeup at a discount. This is beneficial instead of buying products regularly at individual pricing. It adds up and becomes quite expensive.

Invest into getting your wholesalers license so you can shop knowing you are still saving something. Some brands and businesses also will give you exclusives because they know you purchase in bulk sizes. This also helps in building relationships with sellers and increasing your rep! Saving some coins and getting your products is a win-win in my book!

What tip have you used? Which tip are you considering using to save? Do you have any tips to saving money on makeup? Let us know in the comments below.



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