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50+ Amazing Leaf Tattoo with Meanings

Canadian Flag Leaf Tattoo 1

Amazing Leaf Tattoo with Meanings

Nature is related to human life in so many ways. It is almost a reflection of it. Leaves, particularly, are associated with the cycle of life many times. The fresh, green leaf symbolizes the youth of life while the yellow-brown leaves of the fall are associated with the old age or probably a dark period in life. And this is how the leaf represents for humans, a process of change and growth.

Now, there are different kinds of leaf. For instance, if you are a Canadian, the maple leaf would symbolize nationalism and love for Canada. If you love how an oak leaf looks, you might be aware that it is a Celtic symbol of strength and courage.

Anyhow, how so ever way your affection lies with nature and its bounty, the leaf is a great symbol for a tattoo design. Here we have compiled 50+ leaf symbol designs for you to pick out from!



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