50 Easy Nail Designs You Can Do at Home

by Hong Diep
Bold and Easy Heart Nails

50 Easy Nail Designs You Can Do at Home

Nail art is fun and expressive, and there is a look to suit every occasion. From bold and bright to simple and minimalistic, not all designs require hours of skill to complete. Sometimes the best looks are the effortlessly chic ones. If you’ve been thinking of creating your own nail art, saving you time and money, and letting your creative juices flow, this is the perfect opportunity to get inspired. We have rounded up the best designs that can be created by beginners or pros, and there is something to complement all nail shapes and lengths.


What is the nail trend for 2022?

There are several exciting nail trends in the forecast, including fun colors like electric blue, greens, and bold pinks. Simple and effortless nail art is also having its moment, with nude nails being a popular and versatile choice.

What are the 5 basic nail designs?

The five basic nail shapes include round, oval, square, squoval, and pointed.

How do you do easy nail art for beginners?

Nail art can be quick and easy to create. The key would be to focus on the simplicity of your chosen look, avoiding anything that is overly detailed or precise. It is good for beginners to experiment with different color combinations, from complementary hues to clashing ones. There are multiple ways to add color to the nails in an effortlessly chic way, including color blocking or a modern approach to French tips. You can also try lines, dots, and abstract shapes, which can be created in varying sizes and colors; this is a great way to get creative.

What are some designs for nails?

The right design for your nails depends on your preference and your nail shape and length. Those who love detailed artwork, tie-dye tips, marbled effects, and mix and match designs are fantastic. However, simple designs are just as effective, with nude nails enjoying the spotlight. You can also try shades of green, flower nail designs, or Disney. Seasonal art for summer, autumn, winter, and spring, and those inspired by holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, are also appealing.

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