50 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That Will Steal The Show

50 Stunning Prom Hairstyles That Will Steal The Show

So, you’ve found the perfect dress. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the second most important decision, your hair. When it comes to prom, it’s only natural to want every detail to be perfect. As such, choosing the right hairstyle is a major deal. To make matters a little more complicated, if you have long hair, there are countless options from which to choose. Luckily, we can help you find the perfect ponytail, bun, braid, or loose look for you. Here are the best prom hairstyles for long hair that will impress anyone.


How should I do my hair for prom?

There are endless options for hairstyles for long hair when it comes to prom. You can choose a classic updo featuring curls and braids or opt for something long and loose from beach waves to sleek and straight. Try a half up half down, cornrow braids, retro curls, pinned-back sides, messy bun, hair accessories, or a high rope braid. Whatever you choose, it should tie in with the style of your dress or outfit for the perfect look.

How can I do my hair for prom at home?

The best way to perfect your DIY prom hairstyle is to practice. There are lots of channels on YouTube that have excellent follow-along tutorials, but you’ll want to make sure you rehearse your chose style a few times before the big night, to get the techniques down pat, and make sure you have all the right products. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse for a fancy hairstyle on any regular day. Low buns, sleek ponytails, loose curls, straight hair, and half-up half-down styles are great for doing yourself.

Should I wear my hair up or down for prom?

You can wear your hair up or down for prom — there are no strict rules about hairstyles. Things to consider when deciding include hairstyles you like, what you’re comfortable with, what outfit you’ve chosen, and even how hot the evening will be.

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