53 Mummy Tattoo Designs For Men

by Hong Diep
3d guys realistic mummy outer forearm tattoos

53 Mummy Tattoo Designs For Men – Wrapped Egyptian Ink Ideas

There are not many tattoos that have more feelings wrapped up into it than the Egyptian mummy. The mummy can elicit feelings of horror, hope, death, life after death, and everything in between. It is an incredibly dynamic image to tattoo on to your body.

Those with an intellectual inclination will read wisdom into your piece.

The ancient Egyptians ruled for thousands of years as the first intellectually civilized society. Those with a sentimental heart will see recollection. They will wonder what it is that you aim to preserve or remember. The attractive mystery is likely to elicit questions.

Others will read secrets. Their dark eyes will train on your tattoo wondering what it is that you are trying to hide. The dark hearted will see death. They will see you as someone who acknowledges the mortality inherent in all of us; an incredibly real and grounded point of view.

The spiritually inclined will see life after death. They will see the hopes of an entire civilization tattooed onto your body. The hopes that one day the mummy will wake up and enjoy eternity. The indomitable will read hope. They will see an image that reminds them to persevere despite life’s setbacks. To climb up out of the sarcophagus against all odds, even though it may hurt.

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