6 Coolest Skin Fade Haircuts for Men To Choose In 2020

The skin fade has drawn a wide range of attention to men in recent years because of its modern and stylish features. Nowadays, we see a lot of variations of this haircut from the high, mid, and low skin fade to its combination with other styles. If you’re looking for a fashionable hairstyle, here are some points for you to have a better understanding of skin fade haircuts to choose from.

High Skin Fade

As its name suggests, the high skin fade needs to cut the hair very short on the sides. Therefore, this fade cut completely highlights the hair on top because it creates a wonderful contrast effect on others.

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Low Skin Fade

To have the low skin fade haircut, you have to cut your hair carefully just above the ears. The haircut looks perfect with medium to long hair on top, but you can try with short hair as well.

Mid Skin Fade

The mid skin fade is one of the most versatile skin fade haircuts because it brings in both edgy and innocent look. Like other types of this fade cut, the mid skin fade is suitable to mix with all hairstyles from the short to the long hair on top.

Skin Fade with Long Hair

Because the skin fade will certainly highlight the hair on top, so if your hair is already long, it is for you. There are many long hairstyles that you can try like a quiff, comb-over, pompadour, man bun, top knot, or faux hawk.

Skin Fade with Short Hair

If you don’t like a long hairstyle, you can change to short hair for its easy maintenance and clean look. The skin fade still does its mission to highlight your hair on top. So don’t worry about it. Some perfect haircuts to go with such as a buzz cut, crew cut, crop top, Ivy league, and side-swept fringe are great for you to get.

Skin Fade with Hard Part

To simply get this haircut, you just ask your barber to carefully shave a line on your hair part and use some wax, pomade, or putty to comb and hold your hair on top neatly and tidily. Some men say it shows a classic look, others say it shows a simple but cool look. Would you like to experience it – one of the coolest skin fade haircuts?

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