6 Easy Tips For Flattering Hooded Eyes Makeup

If you are people having hooded eyes and are worried that putting trendy makeup or the classic one like cat-eye could be a little challenging. It’s time for you to stop worrying, and don’t let the eye shape stop you from getting the look that you want. Once you figure out how to work, your eye shape is not an issue anymore.

There are a lot of celebrities with this eye shape such as Jennifer Lawrence and Chrissy Teigen. However, they can make their hooded eyes look catching thanks to some interesting tips that you may not know. Today, I will reveal several tips that you can rock to make your hooded eyes look brighter.

1. Using primer

This very first step actually makes a big difference. Remember to apply primer to your eyes before doing anything. You can use any primer which works for you.

The-difference-between-using-primer-and-not-using-primer 6 Easy Tips For Flattering Hooded Eyes Makeup

2. Applying the eyeshadow higher

You may want to use a good blending brush for this step. Don’t forget to bring the eyeshadow higher. So, what happens if you don’t bring it up high enough? That means you are not going to be able to see it, and all that does is emphasizing your hooded eyes. As a result, you will not have a very flattering look. On the contrary, you’re able to see the eye shadow with your eyes open when it is applied higher.

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The-difference-between-the-left-eye-with-lower-eyeshadow-and-the-right-eye-with-higher-eyeshadow 6 Easy Tips For Flattering Hooded Eyes Makeup

3. Not choosing thick eyeliner

You only have like a tiny eyelid space, and you don’t want to take it away with your liner. You still want that to be visible and even like emphasizing there, so make sure you use a liner that you know you’re comfortable with and that you can easily control. Then, try to draw the line as thin as you can, and not to take away too much of my lids.

Thick-eyeliner-vs-Thin-eyeliner 6 Easy Tips For Flattering Hooded Eyes Makeup

4. Placing shimmer strategically

Bring it down too low will draw attention to the hood of your eyes. So, make sure to place it only right under the eyebrow bone and don’t bring it down low.

5. Holding the eyes up

Don’t make the area under the eyes too dark, and don’t bring it down too low because it’s just going to drag your eye down.  

Holding-the-eyes-up 6 Easy Tips For Flattering Hooded Eyes Makeup

6. Building up your lashes

This using mascara step is going to make such a big difference to your hooded eyes. It can help hide the hood.      


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