6 Seductive Oval Nail Art Designs That You Must Try in 2020

Ok, let’s put almond or coffin nails aside, the oval nail is coming back in 2020 and it becomes hotter than ever. The shape which is soft, not pointy but not rounded as other shapes of nails, it is easy to nail this manicure with some amazing designs. This nail is discreet in shape but rich in designs so you will have various choices for your next manicure.

So you are familiar with the round or pointy shape of the nail, it’s time to try something new by scrolling through these ideas about the oval nail. Trust me, you will fall in love easily.

Pastel Color

You have to admit that pastel has taken over the love of ladies because of the dreamy color and classic. With the oval nail shape, it is easy to pull this off at everywhere you go.

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Oval Nail Art: Acrylic

It is undeniable that acrylic is highly popular in the manicure world and it also works perfectly with this nail. The acrylic is an interesting idea to test and in the end, your nails will be gorgeous.

Line Art

The line art not only work in picture or tattoo, but it also combines beautifully with the oval shape of nail. The single line draws on the base color will create a picture that allure everyone.

Oval Nail Art: Holographic

It is amazing if your nails have some illusional effect? Having this manicure and post in on Instagram and you will steal everyone’s attention

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Huge mistake if we don’t mention this design here. Ombre design has been loved for a long time but that doesn’t mean it gets old by time.

Oval Nail Art: Glitter

The combination of glitter and matte color with oval shape is a huge makeover for you. It just simply beautiful and shiny.

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