6 Simple Tips To Make Your Lips Look Bigger

The beauty of plump, big lips was embraced for centuries. Many writers described a gorgeous woman with rosy cheeks and reddish plump lips in their poems. However, big lips became iconic after the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge “, women went frenzy for this trend, they would get surgery, pumping filler to make their lips look full. But nothing is permanent right? Why don’t we check out these tips to make your lips look bigger naturally!  

1. Exfoliate your lips

• This step is very important because the dry, dead skins on your lips will ruin the look.

• You can use a lip scrub or use a toothbrush to massage it gently.

2. Use lip balm

You should choose a moisturizing lip balm because ones with heavy wax will make the surface look bad and uneven in later steps.

3. Tips to make your lips look bigger: Apply concealer to hide the lines

• Concealers do a great job of hiding the flaws, the dark spots on your lips.

• Slightly line your lips with the concealer to blur out the lip lines.

4. Use a lip pencil to line your lips

• Pick a colored lip pencil that is darker than the color you want to fill in your lips.

• You should draw it close to your real lip lines, don’t go too far outside, it would be very awful!

5. Put on the lipstick

• It’s time for you to apply the main color, you can use lip brushes or fingers as well

• Remember to blend it evenly with the lip lines you draw to create a natural look.

6. Tips to make your lips look bigger: Contour magic

• Use a highlighter/ shimmery eyeshadows or lighter lipstick and dab it in the middle of your lips and the top of the upper lips.

• Apply a small amount of bronzer under your lip lines, it helps to add the depth and the plump effect to your lips.

Here are some useful tips to make your lips look bigger and fuller, give it a try and see how it works with your lips.

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