6 stunning sunflower tattoo ideas for 2020

If you are confused about what tattoo you are going to have on your body, why don’t you try to get sunflower one. Today, we are going to see which style of sunflower tattoo you can get inspired from in 2020.

1. Colorful sunflower tattoo

Sunflower is known as a symbol of happiness and optimism. You can also see longevity, love, and loyalty through a sunflower. They look bright and bring energy to us. For many years, many people have chosen sunflower as the inspiration for their tattoos, and you can consider having a colorful one.

2. Black and grey tattoo

If you are searching for a classic style, this black sunflower is something you want to get. This is basic and classic, but always outstanding because of the contrast between your skin color and the color of the sunflower. This simple style is elegant and alluring.

3. Realistic sunflower tattoo

Sometimes, the original and natural style is the best. This simple tattoo can give us more imagination than we can think.

4. Surreal sunflower

If you are into something dreamy, you probably want to try this. It can stimulate the imagination of yourself and others, and it’s the way for you to escape from the hustle and bustle of real life. This one can also show your true-self and feeling in a unique way.

5. Geometric sunflower tattoo

This style is a combination of plant and mathematics. This kind of tattoo will give you a smart, brilliant, and beautiful sense. The tattoo artists can place the beauty of plants in different shapes to create masterpieces. 

6. Woman and sunflower

This one is another combination, but between human beings and plants. The beauty of human and nature are in harmony.

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