6 Ways to Create Stunning Makeup Looks with Vibrant Colors

Playing with colors in makeup is fun. I won’t deny this fact. However, it just happens when you stick with neutral or classic looks. I can understand that if you’re afraid to try new things. But duh, it is summer. You cannot go to parties and just wear gray and nude shades. It’s a time of a pop of colors, y’all!!! It is true that we cannot apply the rules of neutral colors in makeup here unless you want to look like a plastic fake doll. We rounded up 6 ways to create stunning makeup looks with vibrant colors. Try them out and thank me later.

1. Inner corner highlight

Easy, yet trendy. All you need to do is applying vibrant colors like the L’Oréal Paris Brilliant Eyes Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow Makeup in the corners of your eyes. Trust me, your eyes will look way far brighter and flattering with this look.

2. Makeup looks with vibrant colorsHighlighter eyes

In case you prefer a more dramatic and edgy eye makeup look, choosing vibrant hues such as neon yellow, orange, or blue for highlighter is a good idea.

3. Colored mascara

It’s been a while since I see people just wearing only black mascara. Colors can not be underestimated when it comes to mascara. Match the colors of mascara with your eye shadow and you’ll see a big difference. Too hard to find your favorite? Combine them all into a set of rainbow colors.

4. Neon Cat-eye

To rock this style, grab colored eyeliner and draw a perfect cat-eye. If you need our recommendation, we love the Sephora Collection Long-Lasting 12 HR Wear Eye Liner in Fancy Blue.

5. Makeup looks with vibrant colorsFlushed Cheeks

Not only eyes, but your cheeks can also be a good idea to apply vibrant colors. Remember for this look, cool down your eyes and lips a bit to balance the whole look.

6. Bright lips

There are no rules against you using vivid lipsticks. Corals, pinks, purple, and neon colors, you choose! Find the one that matches your skin tone first to have makeup looks with vibrant colors.

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