60 Most Popular Hairstyles With Bangs in 2022

60 Most Popular Hairstyles With Bangs in 2022

One of the simplest ways to refresh and update your hairstyles with bangs. Fringes instantly change your look, and there are endless varieties of options to suit every face shape and hair type. From a blunt fringe to curtain bangs and wispy, face-framing styles, there’s one to suit you. So, if you’re considering getting the chop, keep reading to discover the coolest hairstyles with bangs right now.


What are bangs?

Bangs – also known as a fringe – is the term given to hair that falls across the forehead from the front hairline. 

Are bangs in style?

Because there are so many different types of bangs, they never seem to go out of style! However, curtain bangs and wispy bangs have become more popular. 

Should I get bangs?

Bangs immediately change your look, so it’s important not to make the decision too rashly. If you don’t know how bangs will look on you, try a faux bangs hairstyle to test it out. You can also use image-editing apps to visualize how you’d appear with different types of fringes. A celebrity with a similar face shape and features to you can also be a good guide for whether or not you could pull off bangs. If you’re still in doubt, consult with a hairdresser. 

What face shape looks good with bangs?

Different bangs suit different face shapes. As a general rule, oval faces can wear most types of bangs. Heart-shaped faces suit wispy curtain bangs and baby bangs, while round faces look best with full, side-swept bangs. Those with longer faces should consider straight, blunt bangs, while long-layered bangs are great for square and oblong faces.

Do bangs make you look younger?

Bangs can make you look younger for one simple reason: because they cover your forehead, they disguise wrinkles! 

Does anyone look good with bangs?

No single type of bangs looks good on everyone, but everyone can find a type of bangs to suit them. However, some face shapes are better-suited to bangs than others. 

How to cut side bangs?

Cutting side bangs is more challenging than straight bangs, so it’s usually best to leave it to the professionals. However, if you want to try it at home, begin by wetting your hair, then creating a triangle-part front section as you would with straight bangs. Next, brush the hair in this section opposite to where you want the final bangs to fall. Finally, twist the section toward the back of the head and cut parallel to the hair parting. As a rule, use the tail of your eyebrow as a guide for where to cut your side bangs – don’t cut any further up than that.

How to cut bangs?

The technique for cutting bangs depends on whether your hair is straight or curly, thick or fine. It also varies based on the type of bangs you want. For full, straight bangs, locate the starting point for the fringe section, which is where your head begins to round. Section it off in a triangle shape, then work out where you want your bangs to fall. Hold the hair between your fingers to create a guide and begin trimming the section, holding the scissors at a 7 o’clock angle. This will give you a more even result than trying to cut straight across.

How to grow out bangs?

It takes time to grow out your bangs. How long you’ll have to wait before they are completely gone depends on how quickly your hair grows. Keep your hair healthy with vitamins and a balanced diet, and use treatments to keep your scalp in tip-top shape. Disguise your bangs while growing them out by using tricks like braids, the ‘tuck-and-roll’ bobby pin technique, thin headbands, or clip them to the side with on-trend barrettes.

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