60 Scarab Tattoo Designs For Men

by Hong Diep
3d shape geometric scarab bettle mens knee cap tattoo

60 Scarab Tattoo Designs For Men – Egyptian Bettle Ideas

If your tattoo quest is all about elegant, symmetrical designs, deeply symbolic meanings, and history that goes back as far as ancient Egypt, then look no farther. These scarab tattoos are guaranteed to satisfy your deepest thirst for intricate and meaningful body art.

Revamp your style completely with an intricate scarab extending its delicate wings across your chest, or add a smaller variation of the Egyptian beetle holding the sun to your array of tattoos.

These beetles are in popular demand because of their rich symbolic meanings.

Scarab symbolism dates back to ancient Egyptian origin stories. The Egyptians believed that scarabs were related to a sun god, as every day the beetle would roll dung across the earth, just as the sun god would roll the sun across the sky every day. Scarabs became a sacred symbol because of this, and began to symbolize creation and rebirth.

These scarab tattoos are greatly laden with history and symbolism. The reason they have become popular in recent years is because the ancient Egyptian depiction through carvings and pendants had such a beautiful and intricate design and was easily transferable to tattoo art.

Prepare to be astonished at the intricacy and beauty of these scarab tattoos as you look through our unique catalog.

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