7 Easy Step–By Step Face Makeup For Beginners

Yes, you would end up here at some points, try to find a way to put on makeup properly. I was there too!

I started off with just eyeliner and lipstick then I realized I looked quite messy with intense eyeliners on a full of dark spots face. So I bought whatever products recommended and applied them very disorderly. So I am here to help by introducing an extremely easy step by step makeup for beginners’ guide.

1. Primer

Actually, you need to do skincare to make your skin smooth and clean for the whole later process. Then you apply primer on your face with fingers. It works as a protection layer, separating your skin from layers of heavy makeup

2. Apply foundationA necessary step of makeup for beginners.

Some beauty bloggers prefer applying foundation near the end of the makeup process, but if you are new and worried, making it the no.2 step would be the ideal option.  Use a sponge or foundation brush to apply foundation

3. Concealer

This step helps to cover your dark spots, flaw spots, acne, and wrinkles. But if your flaws are too extreme, you need 1 layer of concealer under the foundation at those spots.

4. Makeup for beginners: Detailing your makeup

After you apply the foundation, you can do these steps in the random order. Your choice

+ Draw your eyebrows

+ Put on eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascara, and false eyelashes

+Blush, liquid blush/bronzer/highlighter


5. The 5th step of makeup for beginners routine: Powder foundation

Now you seal your makeup with face powder to make the surface looks smooth and matte.

6. Highlighting and shadowing your face

Apply highlighter on your cheekbones, your forehead, the top of your nose to make these spots stand out. Shadow your nose, cheeks, and your jawlines to make it look nicer or sharper.

7. Setting spray

Alright, here is your last step of makeup for beginners’ steps. Setting spray sets and seals your makeup. Good sprays could keep the makeup last longer.

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