7 Favorite Asian Make-up Artists To Follow On Instagram

Wearing a mask becomes a normal rule when reaching out to the streets nowadays due to the pandemic of the Covid-19. At first, girls use that as an excuse for not wearing makeup. However, everyone is getting used to this situation (aka realize that masks cannot prevent you from putting in fancy makeup). Whether you are a fan of simple makeup or complicated looks, you always need to update with new trends and inspiration. Below, we rounded up the top 7 Asian makeup artists that you definitely follow on Instagram. Check them out!

1. Megumi Sekine

This Hong Kong MUA is so famous since she is a prestigious go-to of A-listers. If you want to have a look at Carina Lau and Paris Hilton, set an appointment with Megumi Sekine. In case that it is impossible, why not start with her makeup tutorial and practice from now on?

2. Asian Make-up Artists: Natasha Moor

Natasha Moor is another artist, expert in bridal makeup. She’s also well-known for her luxury beauty brand Facetool and Natasha Moor Cosmetics. What’s I love about her is her motive is to inspire, empower women to get the advantage of their abilities to strive and thrive.

3. Park Hye-min (aka Pony)

Pony can be your trustful coach whether you are a beginner or an intermediate in the makeup industry.

4. Michelle Phan

Vietnamese-American influencer is one of my favorite Asian Make-up Artists. Being absent on Youtube for 2 years. Michelle Phan came back with so much more powerful image than ever.

5. Asian Make-up Artists: Ryuko Lau

You are invited to some high fashion parties or events and you don’t know where to start? Ryuko Lau is a good choice to find more ideas and inspiration for your outfits and makeup.

6. Marilyn Yuuri Fukusa

You cannot miss this channel if you’re into sultry smokey eyes and bold lips.

7. Asian Make-up Artists: Gabbie Lee

On Gabbie Lee’s Instagram account, she not only shows you her makeup looks but also gives out helpful reviews on makeup products.

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