7 Invisible Reasons Why Your Skin Age Faster

I bet you would feel very anxious when you look at yourself in the mirror and spot aging signs, especially on your face. Once we reach the age of 25 and above, our skin becomes easily damaged, and it’s not just about skincare anymore. There are many things like your hobbies, your practice of doing certain things that play an invisible role. Let’s check out this list of 7 Reasons why your skin age faster

1. Sleeping position

I know it’s much more comfortable to turn your body to a side and sleep. But sleeping on one side causes wrinkles line to appear on the left/right side of your nose. It’s gravity or sometimes it’s the pillow pressing to your face the whole night.

2. Only use sunscreen on the beach

Even when you are not on the beach, you must understand that you need to put on sunscreen to prevent the UV ray from destroying your skin cells.

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Your dark eye bags are one of its awful creations!

3. A low-fat diet is one of many reasons why your skin age faster

Low-fat diets mean losing important ingredients that make your skin smooth, causing premature skin aging.

To prevent wrinkles, you need to try to eat more fat to make your skin softer and smoother.

4. Smoking and drinking alcohol

Cigarettes and alcohol are enemies of health and beauty. After drinking alcohol or smoking, your body will lose a certain amount of water, making the skin dry, prone to pigmentation, losing the elasticity and aging faster, enabling wrinkles to appear.

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5. Using the heater, dryer, and AC too often

Using too many artificial heaters makes the air in your home very dry, taking away all of the moisture from your skin. Your skin and hair will be dehydrated and as a result, you will have more wrinkles.

Do you notice, you usually wake up in an AC room but your face is so oily? Or very dry? That’s the reason.

6. Reasons why your skin age faster: Stress is on the list

Several studies have shown that stress causes serious damage to cells, which can accelerate the aging process.

7. Sleeping habit

Adults need at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Staying up late will disrupt the metabolism and nervous system, which will make the skin dry, reduce elasticity, dull, not smooth, and wrinkled …The time your body regenerating skin cells is from 11 am to about 2 am. If you sleep less, the skin will be pale, fast aging

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