8 Must-know Concealer Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

Which product will automatically cover your faults while enhancing your features in your makeup bag? Of course, we’re about the humble concealer. But you don’t use this fairy bowl in a bottle if you do use concealers to mask your dark circles. You can actually use the covering system to do far more than mask flaws and conceal dark circles. Here you are. We rounded up 5 concealer hacks that you wish to be told before playing with makeup.

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1. Define Your Brows

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Have you missed your last waxing dates? Or do you just feel the need to add your brows definition? Using an upper and lower edge of your brows with a flat brush and apply concealer. It hides any strands in between waxing appointments but also emphasizes and lifts the concept of the brow area.

2. Create a Dimension

Please remember that concealer is the focus of your best angles. Choose a concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone one or two shades and add it to the highest positions in your pants, like the highlight. It’s Cool if your features are highlighted, but you hate shimmer in standard highlights.

3. Concealer Hacks to Perfect Your Pout

When you next wear bold lipstick and want to create a clean and precise outline on a smooth, rigid brush, take a small piece on the concealer, trace your lips outline. It cleanses any errors and removes any imperfections around the lips so your lip can be even more distinguished.

4. “Lift” The Outer Corner Of Your Eyes

You’d know it all under your eyes, but did you also know it can make your eyes look lifter by brightening the outside corner of your eye? There are many concealer hacks for this problem. Create a little coverer and change it up towards the end of your brows from the outside corner of your eyes (where it gets darker). A darker outer corner looks like it’s dropping off, so the concealer is an easy way to prevent this.

5. Concealer Hacks  to Correct Inner Corner Discolouration

The inner corner of the upper eyelid still has the most discoloration in the eye second to dark circles. This field is easy to overlook when we go straight to the eyelid firsts, but the adjustment of a little color (yellow or orange according to the tone of your skin) can make your eyelids appear more uniform so that your eyelids are better.

Brightening the inner corner with a cache (and even a highlight) often gives the eyes a broader look.

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