8 Ways to ReUse Plastic Bags

by Hong Diep
alternative uses for plastic bags

8 Ways to ReUse Plastic Bags

We have 8 ways to reuse plastic bags to make life easier. These plastic bag hacks will save time and money.

Most everyone has a pile of plastic bags laying around and we have numerous ways to reuse plastic bags. This is a result of endless trips to the grocery store that result in a trunk full of groceries.

Before you decide to toss them in the trash, consider using them around the house. Below you will see different ways to reuse plastic bags that you have collected from the grocery store. 

These ideas are so useful and sure to be a hit for repurposing plastic grocery bags. There are lots of great ways to use recycled plastic bags without any effort.

Plastic Bag Hacks

1. Trash Bags

If you have small trash cans around your home, in the bathroom or bedrooms, use plastic bags as liners. Plastic shopping bags are sufficient and don’t cost anything.

There isn’t any need to buy these small trash bags when you can utilize plastic grocery bags.

2. Carry in Car

Make sure to store some of these in your car in case you need them. The ideas are endless for using these bags in the car.

If someone gets sick on a car ride or you want to throw away some food or trash, use one of these bags. They will come in handy for sure, and won’t take up any extra space. 

3. Protect from Frost

If you have small outdoor plants and hear of a frost that is coming, gently cover your plant with a bag. This will protect it from the pending freezing temperatures.

4. Packing Suitcase

Put the shoes you will be wearing in bags. This will prevent dirt from getting on your clean clothes.

Then, once you are done wearing clothes, toss the dirty clothes in bags. This will keep them separate from clean clothes.

5. Dirty Diapers

If you have a little one, securely wrap dirty diapers in a plastic bag and then tie a knot. This will help hold the foul odor in and prevent your house from smelling.

You don’t need to buy special bags when using plastic bags to store diapers works so effortlessly.

6. Walking Dog

If you take your dog for a walk, grab a few plastic bags. Use them as a pet waste bag. This method will save money from buying specialized doggy bags. 

7. Food Prepping

When you meal prep and cut up a bunch of food, often times you have potato peels and such laying around. We have an easy trick to make clean up easier.

Put out a plastic bag and then as you cut, toss your waste right into the sack. Then, tie it off and dispose in the trash.

It will help reduce prep time and cleanup.  

8. Keep Shape of Shoes or Purses

If you have an empty purse laying around, use plastic bags to help keep its shape. This works great for shoes and boots as well.

These are our top 8 ways to reuse plastic bags.  

Let us know which money saving hack is your favorite. I utilize them for trash bags all the time and they are so handy for food prepping too.

You can use plastic bags to create a storage solution for brushes and rollers while painting so it does not dry out. It is an eco friendly solution that works great with minimum effort.

You can also place the bags in the recycling bin if you have an excess amount. These expert home tips will save you money by using something you already have at home.

Start utilizing these amazing tips today.

What is your favorite way to reuse plastic bags?

Please leave a comment with any specific ways you reuse grocery bags around the house. We love to learn new ideas.

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