80s Makeup Trends That Are Making A Big Comeback

We all agree that the 80s was an interesting moment in history, especially in the makeup field. Some are good but some are wanted to be gone forever. However, the 80s makeup trends are coming back after four decades.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, then this gorgeous makeup will be your breakout. Time to back to the past with some 80s makeup trends that are worth trying.


Colorful Eyeshadow

Time to bring some bright color to your eye. Back in the 80s, colorful eyeshadow is the spotlight of the face. With the color like blue, purple, or pink, you will easily be spot on in the crowd.

Bold Brows

We’re talking about thick and long eyebrows here. Different from thin brows of the 90s, this 80s brow are comeback stronger as ever.

Heavy Eyeliner

Bring the punk and rock-n-roll vibes with the famous raccoon eyes. Get your black eyeliner and draw on the tops and bottoms of each lid, then smudge it all together to create this popular 80s look.

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80s makeup trends: Muted Lip

An 80s trendy look is a colorful eyeshadow and muted lip. If you want your eyes to do the talking, you should apply some dark shades to make your face balanced.

Statement Lashes

Do you think mascara only comes with black or brown? 80s girls didn’t think so. Highlight your eyes with colorful lashes like pink, green, or blue. You can come up with mixed shades by applying two different colors for your top and bottom lashes.

80s makeup trends: Draping

This technique may seem strange for you, but it was famous in the 80s so much that it is making a major comeback. Draping means blending the blush not only your cheek but also extend it all over to bring sharper cheekbones in your face.

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