9 Ways to Reuse Reclaimed Wood and Turn into Fancy Furniture

Wood has been the ultimate material to turn into furniture in any house due to many reasons. It not only creates a sense of charm but also brings back the flow of history. Moreover, any room that includes wooden objects looks much warmer and cozier. However, unfortunately, wooden objects are not always affordable. So, once you own one but no longer have the need to use it, don’t throw it away. Turn it into an item of new furniture. Below are 9 ways to reuse reclaimed wood. Each project is very practical and modern. Check them out for more inspiration!

1. Reuse Reclaimed Wood – Shelving

If your living still has some spacious upper areas, you cannot miss this idea. Reclaimed wood is a perfect material for shelving. It is rustic, handy, and so convenient. Imagine how well your living room is organized with those shelves!!

2. Bathtub Tray

Have you ever dreamed of a bubble bathtub with a wooden tray, where you can put candles, books, and a glass of wine on it? If the answer is no, you cannot miss this chance to make one. I mean it, make your bathing time more enjoyable if you can!

3. Reuse Reclaimed Wood – Heirloom Boxes

These boxes are perfect for a travelholic. Put on them your favorite colors and you’ll even more impressed with this idea.

4. Picture Frames

If you’re already own some plastic frames, try out the wooden ones and you’ll never come back.

5. Tabletop Centerpiece

The dinner can not only become more interesting with napkin folding, but also much more memorable with sculptural twigs and branches.

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6. Reuse Reclaimed Wood – Serving Tray

Serving trays made by reclaimed wood are also a good choice.

7. Wall Paneling

There are no other easier ways to reuse repurposed wood than this one.

8. Reuse Reclaimed Wood – Bedside Table

You can save so much space on the floor with the bedside table. Wood makes you have better sleep quality, science has proved that.

9. Cat Tree

Spend some time and effort to show your love with pets if you really appreciate them.

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