90s Hairstyles That are Cool and Trending Again

90s Hairstyles That are Cool and Trending Again

We’ve all witnessed the return of ’90s fashion and make-up to the catwalk and the street. Now, it’s time for ’90s hair to take the spotlight! From cute to cool, simple to sexy, ’90s hairstyles are super versatile. Best of all, they’re easy to create and work best with your natural hair texture. Keep reading to find out how to get the best styles from this iconic fashion decade.

Is 90s hair coming back?

Every few years, the most stylish aspects of a decade comes back into fashion. This time, the hair from the 90s is making the rounds, and it’s easy to see why. This decade offers simple and relaxed hairstyles that have elements of chic and high fashion touches. With every 90s trend, you can add a 2020 spin, such as using cute clips with phrases or adding a funky scrunchie to your topknot for the night out. 

How do I get voluminous hair 90s?

One of the biggest hair inspirations in the 90s was Cindy Crawford, famous for her voluminous locks and stunning highlights. To achieve this, you will need to apply styling and root-boosting mousse into damp hair. Then dry the waves with a hairdryer, and turn your head upside down. For more lift, add rollers overnight or sleep in a bun for ultra bouncy and stylish hair in the morning.

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