A Mini Guide To Perfect Homemade Cheese Bacon Sandwich

Today, we are going to make a mouth-watering version of the original sandwich, and it is the cheese bacon sandwich. This can be done at home with a simple and easy recipe. This is not going to take you a lot of time to prepare. However, it turns out to be incredibly greasy, nutritious, and tasty. Now, let’s go!


200g of bacon

50g of cheddar cheese

2 slices of sandwich

Butter or oil

25g of mini tomatoes (optional)

10g pickles

How to make a perfect cheese bacon sandwich at home

Step 1: At the very step, put each slice of bacon on a surface as the below image

Step 2: Next, add one slice of the sandwich onto the bacon in the center, put a slice of 50g cheddar cheese, and one slice of sandwich then fold until we cannot see the inside part.

Step 3: Take a frying pan, turn the heat on, put a little bit of butter or oil, then add the folded bacon to it, and fry until it has a golden color for both sides.

Step 4: Finally, that is done for cooking. Now, it is time to serve it on a plate. When enjoying the sandwich, you can divide it into 2 parts to feel the greasy taste of cheese together with a rich taste of bacon and sandwich. That the delicious bacon covers soft cheese filling will make all of us feel mouth-watering.  For a better taste, you can use the sandwich with some cherry tomatoes or pickles.

You can see that this dish will not take you a lot of time, and it is really fast and extremely tasty. I hope you will like the recipe and have your own sandwich!

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