A Must-Wear Makeup For a Moody Season: Pastel Goth

What is Goth?

When it comes to goth, people immediately think of a dark and back-theme style. Goth boys and girls are frequently equated to appear in black clothing and makeups. While many people consider goth as an aesthetic lifestyle, many others feel uncomfortable and a bit creepy because the theme color is all black, especially the makeup is so dramatic.

Pastel Goth is a New Way to Define the Makeup Look

Euphoria makeup artist Doniella Davy has redefined the goth makeup with the “Goth Pastel” look. And this invention is loved by so many netizens. We love the soft and cheerful spring colors. The colors are vibrant and joyful, but still, keep the melancholy vibe that we want.

The rhinestone tears are so iconic. When combining with iridescent purple lips that are completely mesmerizing, they create a perfect combination. Davy also shared significant products that she used to have the look. Three Colourpop that she loves are Blue Moon, Chasing Rainbows, and Orange You Glad.

How to Have a Pastel Goth Makeup Look?

To create a pastel goth makeup look, you can approach it in different ways. There is no specific guideline for you to follow, unfortunately. But it is also a strength of this makeup. You can broaden your imaginative and enhance your creativity.

In general, pastel goth makeup can be formed with lined unibrows, thick eyeliners. Faux eyelashes are the must-have accessories.

The hair color and eyeshadow should be the same for the match. You can match the color of your eyebrows if you want. It takes a bit more of time though.

The paler your complexion is, the cooler the look becomes.

Lips are normally dark. The most common color of lipstick is matte black. However, there is no threshold for creativity, thus, wear the color that makes you feel gorgeous.

These following looks will definitely change your mind about the definition of Goth Makeups.

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