A simple guideline to make a delicious blueberry cheesecake at home

Today, we are going to make a delicious blueberry cheesecake together with simple steps. Now, let’s do it!


10 pieces oreo biscuits

32g unsalted butter

135g blueberries

75g sugar

6g lemon juice

130g cream cheese

20g yogurt

4.5g gelatin + 30ml water

90g blueberry puree  

140g whipping cream

Removable base mold (size 16cm)

How to make blueberry cheesecake

Step 1:

Remove the cream from 10 biscuits, put in in a bag, and then crush them.

Step 2:

Pour the hot water in a bowl, and melt 32g unsalted butter. Then, mix the biscuits and butter, then use the removable base mold, press the cake base strongly, and place in the refrigerator to make a hardened base.

Step 3:

Put 3g lemon, 135g blueberries, 35g sugar in, and turn on the heat to medium, and then blend them well.

Divide it into 2 parts: for topping and decorating.

Step 4:

Put 130g cream cheese and 35g sugar in a bowl, and mix until the sugar is completely dissolved, the mixture is smooth

Step 5:

Add 20g yogurt, 3g lemon juice,

Step 6:

Put 3g gelatin in 20ml hot water and wait until it cools down. Then whip the cream lightly, put the cool gelatin mixture into the cheese bowl

Step 7:

Take the base out of the fridge, put 1/2 cream cheese mixture and blueberry puree on the top. 

Use the wooden sticks to decorate, and add the rest of the cream cheese. Put in the fridge.

Step 8:

Use 1.5g of gelatin + 10ml hot water. In a bowl, mix whipping cream, the rest of blueberry puree and gelatin mixture for the topping. Cover the cake and put it into the refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

That’s all for the blueberry cheesecake, and hope you will enjoy it!

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