A Simple Instruction To Easy Origami Sunflower

Today, we are going to learn to make easy origami sunflower. Let’s go!

Ingredients for easy origami sunflower

+ Yellow, green and brown crepe paper

+ Flower packaging paper

+Paper tape

+ Clipper

+ Metal wire flowers


Instruction for making easy origami sunflowers

Step 1: For the branch of the flower, we use a 35cm metal wire to make flower branches. Next, cut the green crepe paper into small pieces and wrap around the wire.  At the same time, wrap around the wire that you stick the glue on the paper.  Wrap the wire 3 times to make a bigger branch to fit the size of the flowers.

Step 2: For the pistil, cut the brown crepe paper into long pieces and fold them in half (about 3cm in width). Next, you fold the crepe paper in 4, and cut the small lines. Cut it in half.

After cutting the paper pieces, continue to cut it into 4 equal pieces, and then wrap the top of the branch. Let’s wrap and stick the glue at the same time so that it can stick together.

Step 3: For the petals, use the yellow crepe paper.  You can use a wide paper piece in about 8cm then fold it. Use the clipper to make petal shape.  

Next, unfold the cut paper, and make a natural curve for the petals. Then, wrap around the pistil and remember to stick the glue on the petals. Wrap 2 yellow crepe paper pieces to make the completed petals.

Step 4: For the leaves, use the green crepe paper. Stick the tape on half of the cut crepe paper. Then, put a wire on it. Then fold the paper so that they can stick together. (easy origami sunflower)

Continue to make a shape for the leaves by the clipper after sticking the leaves to the branch by the paper tape.  

Step 5: Do the same things in 8-10 times to make 8-10 flowers or the number of the flowers that you want. Prepare the paper tape to stick the flowers together.  Then, use the flower packaging paper to cover all the flowers. Finally, use a ribbon to tighten for the best result of easy origami sunflowers!

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