A simple instruction to make a beautiful origami flower rose from Jo Nakashima

Today, we are going to find out how to make a beautiful origami flower rose from Jo Nakashima. Let’s get started now!

Preparation for origami flower

You can choose paper with any colors or sizes. In this instruction, you can use

Origami paper in 20cm x 20cm size for the flower

The paper in 4cm x 4cm size for the leaf

The paper in 4cm x 16cm size for the stem

Instruction to make origami flower

For the rose

Step 1: Fold the paper in half and unfold

Step 2: Divide each part in half

Step 3: Divide into 8 parts also vertically

Step 4: Fold the top down to the last crease on the bottom, turn over, and then valley-fold along the existing crease

Step 5: Fold the left side to the last crease on the right, turn over and valley-fold along the existing crease

Step 6: Turn over, fold the top left corner to the indicated intersection, and then crease only where indicated

Step 7: Rotate and repeat for 3 times

Step 8: Turn over, and make a mountain fold (diagonal) and the valley folds next to it. Repeat on the next diagonal crease, keeping the previous one folded, and repeat again.

Step 9: Unfold to fold the last one, then hold at the sides and push to the center folding all at same time

Step 10: Fold the edge down, and repeat on the other edges

Step 11: Valley-fold the corner (no reference points), repeat on the other three sides, and then shape it

For the leaf

Step 12: Fold along the diagonal, fold the corner down (no reference points), and then repeat behind.

Step 13: Make an accordion fold as shown, and then unfold

Step 14: Fold the corners, and then we have the leaf completed

For the stem

Step 15: Roll the paper tightly, and then put the leaf

Step 16: Hold firmly for some time, and insert at the bottom of the rose and fold it

That’s all for the beautiful origami flower today! Hope you will enjoy it!

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