A Step-by-step Tutorial on Hooded Eyes Makeup by Tina Yong

The tutorials on hooded eye makeup are extremely handy for Asian women. However, we, unfortunately, don’t have many of them on the Internet. Therefore, sometimes Asian women find it so hard to define their eyes, leading to difficulties in accentuating certain features. 

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There is no doubt that Tina Yong is such a lifesaver for the makeup world. Currently, she is one of the most famous makeup gurus on Youtube with millions of subscribers. Let’s see how she instructed her subscribers to create a perfect makeup for hooded eyes.

Hooded Eyes Makeup – Step 1

For a start, apply the primer layer before any eyeshadow steps. It would keep your colors to stay for a very long time.

Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes. You can leave this step later after to finish to play with eyeshadow colors.

Hooded Eyes Makeup – Step 2

Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep a neutral shade on your lids. Blend it gently and fully.

Hooded Eyes Makeup – Step 3

The goal of hooded eyes makeup is to create as much dimension as possible. Apply a gold shimmery shade on the outer corners of your eyes with a smudge brush. Pat the colors right above your eyelid. Again, blend it evenly.

Step 4

In this step, add more depth to your eyes by putting a black shadow to the outer corners. Blend it into a winged shape to lengthen the look of your eyes.

Step 5

Eyeliner is another key factor. Draw a perfect long cat eye with a black liquid eyeliner. You can also use the pencil one if you master it. But I prefer the waterline since it creates edgy lines than anything else.

Hooded Eyes Makeup – Step 6

Bring in the brighter colors to your inner corners. Blend it along up to your lids.

Step 7

Re-apply a coat of mascara to rock this look. You can attach false eyelashes for a more extra look.

Step 8

This step is so optional. Line your lower waterline with a white eyeliner pencil and apply a black eyeliner directly underneath the white to make your eyes look even bigger.

Here are more images from her eyes makeup tutorials:

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