A Tutorial on Rainbow Lips – How to Have the Look?

It is not a strange thing when I said colors both effects and be influenced by moods. Girls wear vintage red when they feel romantic, put on dark ocean color when they want to be a mystery, brown when they feel sad and lonely (mostly). That’s why we have seen many girls dying hair into so many different colors like pink, lilac, or even blue? So, there are no reasons that I deny doing the same things to your lips, which is much easier. Getting back to the color-and-mood relationship, what about a day that you want to live as dynamic as you can? In this case, trying a set of rainbow colors is a good idea. You only live once, why not? Below, we introduce you to a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the look? Get ready and scroll down!

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Step 1: Prep your pout

Thorough prep is vital for bold lip makeup. As long as your lips are smooth and even, there’s no way that the makeup can become flakey later on. The best way to well prepare is to exfoliate your lips with some sugar scrubs. Apply the products on your lip, massage, wait a few minutes, and rinse your lips underwater. Then you’re ready for the next steps.

Step 2: Smooth on a primer for rainbow lips

However smooth your lips are, the makeup products cannot stay on for long without primer. Primer is not a must, but it is highly recommended if you want it to last the whole day, keep that in your mind.

We love Golden Rose Nourishing Prime & Prep Lipstick Lip Primer Base and Conditioner Enriched With Vitamin E.

Step 3: Begin the rainbow

Big moments have come. Before you start, choose your favorite hues and decide which order you want to apply to your lids. You can follow the conventional ROYGBIV order if it’s too hard to decide. In case you mess it up, dip the brush into some micellar water and problems are gonna be solved.

Step 4: Blend, blend, blend to have rainbow lips

Create some seamless transition. Don’t be too harsh or you’re gonna mess up the order.

Step 5: Set your look

Spray the mist to lock all the colors on set.

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