Abby Roberts’ Makeup Looks – How She Becomes Viral On TikTok

Abby Roberts is such a phenomenon, she has been called a TikTok queen. You’ll stop wondering why right after you know about her achievements. Abby Roberts has just been promoted by KYRA, a leading youth entertainment network that uses a pioneering algorithm to find the most promising young talent in the world. Each makeup-related photo that she posts on Instagram typically gains at least thousands of likes. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she’s only 18. What a young gun, huh?

Below is her career aspirations (how Abby Roberts’ makeup looks get viral) and some key factors of her achievements.

How did Abby Roberts get started her career?

Abby Roberts started posting online when she was 11. For a start, she just considered makeup as her interest when putting makeup on her sister. Then, she took it more seriously and devoted to this industry. That’s how makeup has become her career.

What is her breakthrough moment?

She will never forget the day that she got attention from James Charles when recreating his paint brush makeup trend. Then, Charles mentioned her on his Instagram story and her follower literally pumped up after that day (50k rosed to 100k just in one night).

Abby Roberts’ tips to get noticed on social media?

Always work hard, put all dedication into your work, and someday you’ll be noticed. Most importantly, consistency should be your number 1 priority.

Abby Roberts’ Makeup Looks – Where she gets her inspiration?

Everything roundabout can be inspirational. However, if she has to pick, pop culture is her go-to. Recommendations from followers are also a good source that you should make use of when you have a certain network.

Her most and least favorable makeup trends in 2020?

Since Euphoria was released at the beginning of the year 2020, Abby becomes obsessed with it. On the other hand, Teletubbies is a makeup trend that she rather dies than trying out.

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