Alluring Medusa Tattoo Designs That You Can’t Resist The Look

Do you know Medusa tattoo designs are getting so popular because of its beauty and meanings? The beauty of this tattoo is alluring and perfect for a woman who wants to go bold. The female monster from Ancient Greece mythology captivated us for almost 3000 years. However, she still is an inspiration in the tattoo world and receives many recognitions around the world.

The History of Medusa

Before we look for Medusa tattoo designs, let’s get some background first. According to the myth, Medusa at first was a gorgeous maiden from the three Gorgons sister. But because of her mistake, which was forgetting her vows, she was under brutal punishment. She turned into a monster having a venomous snake for hair. Her eye from a gentle transformed into blood-shot glazes that turned anyone who looks into her eyes into stone.

The Meaning of Medusa Tattoo Designs

Now, let’s back to our main topic. Medusa tattoo can have lots of meaning and not only in a negative way. In fact, in the Greek language, Medusa means Guardian, and people often use her image to stay away from danger. The ancient Greeks believed that her power can be used for good and evil also.

In general, Medusa tattoo has lots of meaning like evil, magic, rebirth, seduction, feminism, protection, death, etc. So having one of Medusa tattoo designs, you will surely not regret it.

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The Designs

Medusa has become a huge inspiration in the tattoo world for a long time, the design ideas will vary. There are many ways to portrait this figure. You can portrait her as a monster but can give her an angel face. Furthermore, combining with other elements such as a rose, skull, or other Greek designs, are highly recommended.

If you are reading this, it means now Medusa tattoo designs is making you interested in it. Enjoy this collection of these magnificent designs right below.

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