An Instruction To Easy Origami Fish

Fish which is a symbol of good things is familiar to anyone. Today, why don’t we learn how to make an easy origami fish? Let’s go and do it right now!


Paper: one square paper


How to make origami fish

Step 1: Fold the square paper in half along with the cross line to make triangles. Then, fold 2 tips at the top so that they can pile on the top tip of the triangle to make a smaller square.

Step 2: Unfold 2 paper angles inside to make a new square, and 2 lines of the square pile on the central cross line

Step 3: Do the same things on the other side. Next, open and fold all the creases to inside.

How to make origami fish

Step 4: Bend up 2 layers to make a rhombus. Then, fold the lower paper layer upper to make a triangle, fold all the lines of the triangle so that they can be piled on the upper lines, and open it, then hide all the creases inside.

Step 5: Bend the leftover triangle down to make a fishtail. Bend 2 tips of the triangle to 2 sides and make it to the outside.

Step 6: Bend 2 margins of the paper inside then use a pencil to draw eyes. That’s all we need to do to make a fish.

How easy it is to make a lovely fish! As you probably know, the instruction to fold a fish is quite similar to the guide to fold a lily flower. It’s just a little different from the last steps. So, we can see that origami is kind of unique and various as well. I hope you will like this post and be successful soon with your cute origami fish. See you soon in the next posts.

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