An Ultimate Guide When Applying Eyeliner Based on Your Eye Shape

Among all of those makeup steps, applying eyeliner is a hard one that even some beauty gurus find it challenging to be master at. Eye shape is one of the key factors that play a huge role in your success (and failure). When you figure out what eye shape you have, you are more than halfway to achieve those stunning lines. That’s why you NEED to scroll through and do careful research on this article. Look yourself in the mirror. Define your own shape, practice, and shine!

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1. Applying eyeliner for almond eye shape

Almond eyes have the top and bottom of the irises covered by two lids.

For this shape, an eyeliner that is creamy and has stable consistency will work. If you are a beginner, just simply follow your eye shape and slightly build the thickness towards the outer part. 

2. Downturned shape

Look at the mirror, if your outer corner is a bit lower then the overall line, your eyes are downturn.

To slay this eyes, use a bright pencil. A thin cat-eye can be an option. Keep the tail short but long enough to be visible when you smile. Drawing the lower lash line is not necessary for this shape.

3. Applying eyeliner for Wide-set eyes

Not sure whether you have a wide-set shape? If the space between the two inner corners is large, then you got this shape.

To shorten the space and make your face look more well-balanced, keep the color concentrated at the inner corners on your top and bottom lash lines. 

4. Small Shapes

Anyone having small eyes is well conscious about them, not just because they are visible but also because they are sometimes assumed to be hard to draw eyeliner (I doubt that). So, if your eyes look smaller than the rest of your face, then you have small eyes.

Opt for a light color and be creative with it. You can even choose metallic hue like gold if you want something cooler. The bright colors make your eyes bright and appear much bigger. I don’t recommend you apply eyeliner on the lower lash line since it seems to shrink your eye shape.

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