Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs That We Sure To Love So Much

Call out all the Arianators here cause your idol is right up with her beautiful art of ink. Like every celebrity, Ariana Grande owns herself lots of tattoo designs on her body and we sure love to look at it. In fact, she had in total 51 tattoos and the number will always up. Because, you know, the inspiration of amazing tattoo is endless and sure that Grande knows it. The famous and lovable singer not only owns herself a fascinating voice but also beautiful work of art on her body.

Not only Arianators but also tattoo lovers can take a look at Ariana Grande tattoo designs to get inspiration and get yourself a “moment” just like her. Let’s check it out!

Ariana-Grande-Tattoo-cover Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs That We Sure To Love So Much

Outline of A Heart

This is Grande’s first tattoo back in 2012, a heart on her toe to commemorate her first album “Yours Truly”. Another one is on her right-hand ring finger in May 2015 when she was on her tour. This tattoo is simple and cute, can fit with anyone with a simple thought.

Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs: A Bee

On her Instagram in 2018, she posted the picture of her new bee tattoo with the caption “Forever”. This is one year after the bombing incident at her concert in Manchester, which took 22 fans away and dozens of people got injured. This bee tattoo was like a tribute to all the lost ones since it is a symbol of the city’s hard-working legacy.

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At the 2020 Grammy Awards, we can easily spot the outline of a butterfly on Ariana Grande’s left arm. This elegant tattoo was showed off later on her Instagram story with detailed designs. As we can see, the tattoo is beautiful on her arm.

Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs: Celestial Tattoo

The celestial tattoo can be seen on her left foot and left hand. In the tattoo, the combination of the Moon and stars, also the Sun beautifully designed on her body.

Ariana-Grande-Tattoo-Celestial1-1 Ariana Grande Tattoo Designs That We Sure To Love So Much

Above here are some of her most beautiful tattoo, let’s check other designs as she contributes her loved one, or her favorite tattoo, characters, etc.

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