Awesome Female Portrait Tattoo Designs by Samuela Maggi

Feminism is an array of social, political, and ideological movements. It aims at defining and building political, economic, personal, and social, and gender equality. Therefore, Female Portrait Tattoo has become a tool for them to express themselves from the outside look.

Who is Samuela Maggi?

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You already need to know how excited we are to discover ink artists and to share their inspiring work with you when you’re here for long. Samuela Maggi’s tattoo artist is one of those talents we’ve come across recently. She graduated with a degree in Art and Message from Milan and now works for Diè Tattoo from Milan. She shows highly creative female portraits and then perfectly places them on the skin of her customer.

Tattoo Designs by Samuela Maggi

Her job involves only a woman (Female Portrait Tattoo) and a few flowers. A beautiful lady with a full-color sunflower and/or magnolia on her head has become more and more well-known. She always considers her work as visual storytelling from her designs. And of all her pictures, it is so interesting that for a few minutes you lose yourself to think about the plot.

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The up and under legs of the tattoos of portrait form are the best locations, and on these areas of the body, you can see most of the compositions. Our favorite work of Samuela is the lady who dreams of a lighthouse, eyes closed coupled with those stars? Check out our list of the wonderful female portrait tattoos of Samuela Maggi.

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